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    The Eighth Army in Shanxi launched a fierce attack on the Zhengtai railway and the Tongpu railway. Japanese strongholds along the railway fell like rain, these two major transportation arteries were completely blocked. paralyze!

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    At nine o'clock in the evening, his group began their regular patrol on time again. While patrolling, he vaguely saw a faint blue light flashing outside the window, and there was movement in the warehouse, as if a lot of heavy objects had fallen to the ground. The captain immediately opened the trap door and stuck his head out. He looked in the direction of the warehouse and climbed out. At this time, the blue light had disappeared, but the ground shook slightly, and a part of the warehouse wall collapsed. . an explosion. He was startled and called out: "Captain, there's movement! Let's go over and take a look!"

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    In short, the current Tan Tu Quan has completely degenerated, most of the tactics and tricks have been returned to the master, leaving only the simplest and most brutal direct attack. What? Can not move? Simple, square the firepower and then square, bring up the tank regiment under the army! Call the bombers! Not being able to move can only prove that your impact force is not strong enough and your firepower is not enough! What should I do if demons attack at night? There were quadruple high-altitude aircraft and 20 mm anti-aircraft guns, sentries and low-light night vision devices, because many people came and died; Call the soldiers in charge of transportation to get their attention. If demons appear, they will be killed every day. The military command will provide artillery and air support! Afraid of an accident in the back? What are Flight 56 Chong and Flight 56 in the hands of transport comrades? What are the giant militias doing? In short, the main force can just rush forward, not paying attention to the rear, there are no demons around who dare to attack, heavy artillery, tanks and a large number of militia are waiting for them!

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    Xue Jianqiang said: “There is no need to rush, I will recall five hundred cars first, the remaining 4,500 cars you will produce slowly, within a year you can pay in full, but the quality must be good, give me another zero.” Accessories, instructions and maintenance manuals should also be as detailed as possible.”

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    Sophie said: "Because I don't have money to use anywhere right now. If I need money, I will definitely ask her."

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    Chen Jianfeng chuckled: "Fat and water don't flow into outsiders' fields... Now most military factories are in trouble. As a weapons sales representative, I will naturally find a way to help They earn some benefits!”

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    The armor-piercing warhead tore through the hull with ease, blasting the armored vehicle into an erupting fireball. Chinese soldiers rushed to the anti-aircraft artillery position, Type 81 automatic rifles and Type 56 squad machine guns poured bullets like rain, Japanese soldiers at the anti-aircraft artillery position did not even have pistols, they could already hold their heads. fled, a hail of deadly bullets chased after them, one by one they fell, unable to protect the anti-aircraft artillery position in the blink of an eye.

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    Their wish was granted, half an hour later, they wore type 87 desert camouflage uniforms like the 8th Line Army, and received type 63 automatic rifles, type 56 squad machine guns and launchers rocket. Everyone I think the captain was really wise and made an extremely correct decision! From now on, the Eighth War Zone lost a strong engineering battalion, the Eighth Route Army had a group of battle-hardened engineers, of course, the result of destroying the 7th Army was all attributed to the Eighth Route Army. The captain and his brothers were fed up with the cowardly retreat of the 8th theater units, and now they were even more disgusted by the bosses who were like "dragonflies flying out of the cellar", destroying the 7th regiment, of which they accounted for half. As for military achievements, now they would rather give half of their military achievements to Bat Lo than share them with Bat War Zone!

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    Dieu Hi laughed and scolded: "What is called brainstorming? It's obviously devious!"

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    The second Wyvern bomber landed immediately, and this one was fine, stopping steadily near the hangar. After everyone breathed a sigh of relief, they were somewhat puzzled to discover that although the bomber was smoking thickly, the fuselage was largely intact, except for the tail which had many bullet holes and Black smoke rose from the bullet. pit.

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    However, instead of attacking in the direction of Baotou and Guisui, what direction could the Japanese army attack? In the direction of Outer Mongolia?

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    On the Ordos battlefield, the 8th Army launched a general attack on the 3rd Panzer Division. Who told them that they were the only armored division deployed on the pass by the Japanese invaders, and Were they invincible in the battles of Henan, Hunan and Guangxi? This word "only" is so hateful, no matter who you are! This time, the Red Air Force did not intentionally limit its air attack force. More than 5 bombs indiscriminately bombarded the 3rd Tank Division in the encirclement, napalm bombs and armor-piercing bullets rained down. Armor-piercing bullets are also old goods picked up from the Air Force's arsenal, weighing 250kg, filled with 42 armor-piercing shells weighing 2.5kg, creating a huge killing surface, regardless of type. of tanks, a hit to the head is essentially a disaster. It must be said that this style of play is really a bit of a bully. Originally, the Japanese army's garbage trucks were no match for the three armored brigades of the 8th Army. The steppe was vast, the plains were flat, no There was no way to hide, the 3rd tank division could only use its own helmet to fight against the bombs falling from the sky in desperation, those fragile tanks turned into piles one after another. The scrap metal was burning, the vehicles were in a violent commotion, and the explosion ignited a fire. Being hit directly by an armor-piercing bullet is still a good death. The worst thing was being hit by napalm. The entire car instantly became a melting pot. When there is a pile of tank debris, you can often see Japanese colleagues with half of their bodies sticking out of the vehicle. Half of their bodies have been burned into coke.

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    The corner of Ningji Gangmura's mouth twitched violently, and he said bitterly: "If you don't do that, your life will still be over. After all, your destiny is over, don't drag along hundreds of thousands of imperial soldiers. .. The empire's war potential has been exhausted, ended, it is difficult to continue, several divisions entered the Tuy Nguyen battlefield, which division was not a famous elite division? And who will protect the emperor? That's the only way... that's the only way..." He staggered to the sand table, picked up a few red flags and muttered: "Here are two infantry divisions and one tank division led by Lin Yurong commander..." Three flags were planted at Pingluo, "These are three infantry divisions, three tank divisions and one cavalry division commanded by Peng Shichuan..." Each red flag was placed in position. corresponding position, "These are their paratroopers... First, they used the strength of ten divisions to attack us, forcing us to put our entire army on the front line to fight them." , completely evacuated the defense forces in the Baotou and Guisui areas, then parachute troops descended from the sky, captured Baotou as quickly as lightning, cutting off our troops' return and supply routes..." Leaf Flags representing the airborne troops were planted in Baotou, after which a seemingly sparse but extremely dangerous encirclement was formed. In such a large battlefield, ten divisions (actually only six divisions) , the old man considered four armored brigades to be division-level units.) It is difficult to surround four divisions and add more brigades, but teacher Tianye is on the side of the Chinese army. The battlefield is the Mongolian plateau sparsely populated. The Ordos battlefield even lacks water.

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    believe that in a few hours, the large bombers of the Marine Corps will definitely dismantle the 160mm mortar and transport it up, so that the Japanese army in the center of the city will know the meaning of 5 thunderbolts fell from the sky.

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    The captain looked miserable: "But my brothers just fought a battle and are very tired..."

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    The small bomb exploded loudly, the trunk shook continuously, sparks flew everywhere but it did not explode.

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    There was a strong wind, the Tumochuan plain was bone-chilling, powder snow was flying, and there was cold rain, so the air force could not be mobilized.

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    This flattery made Tatsuo Yoshida very comfortable. He signaled the guard to bring a box, opened it, and inside was a small box of dark purple plums covered with an attractive layer of fine sugar. He said: "This was sent from my hometown. I kept it for a long time. I couldn't bear to eat it. Now I'm sharing it with everyone. One for each person. It's a bit small. It's not good. It's disgusting!" Each person shares one. The leader of the 14th Infantry Battalion was a chubby man who loved to eat sweets. He immediately stuffed a black plum into his mouth, squinted his eyes in delight, and let out a satisfied sigh: "This is what people eat." ….. .”

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    Two days later, Yin Rugeng left Yan'an in despair, returned to Zhangjiakou and brought the bad news that the Eighth Route Army refused to negotiate to Gangcun Ningci.

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    The captain pointed to the mountain pass and said: "We have used machine guns to block the mountain pass. Unless they have the ability to climb cliffs more than ten meters high, it will be very difficult to fly. But our opponents do not Just 7 regiments, 7 wing regiments are surrounded, other troops will come to support, especially the demon cavalry and armored troops, they will arrive in a few hours, we must defend !”

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    After learning that the marines had successfully landed and occupied the wharf, Tu Tu scratched his shiny bald head and laughed: "My coastal defense regiment is just different, our actions are extraordinary! Okay, great job!"

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