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    What Gan Qian should have simply said was that here, she had a complete training plan for the two of them, and before that, she would directly bring these two people to join the Templar Clan. When Qianqian first arrived on this planet 300,000 years ago, people from the original temple system such as Anke and Jiang Jiu were unable to comprehend this talent, and when she arrived on this planet, one hundred thousand years later, she and Anke completed and understood the Heart of the Temple at the same time. The coat of arms had appeared on her wrist, and the appearance of the Holy Shield was also making announcements to the entire universe. Such a biome begins to operate independently.

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    Wang Han's attitude towards Little Cetaph is the same as Keles's guardian, he puts a whole package of things he wants to do in front of him, can't waste time because of a few dolls, this seems bloody cold, but For this doll's future living environment, it must be given a lot of help, at least they will be willing to move forward with their own diligence, and will not stop and scold their doll beaks to continue rushing forward, over time, the living environment of the entire Group will be very good, and in the eyes of Keles and others, not only will they not feel uncomfortable because their parents left without knowing it, on the contrary, they grew up very properly in a very elegant, very good environment. And Keles doesn't have Vuong Han's child right now. Otherwise, she would have been really lucky to be pregnant with Vuong Han's doll, and would have directly taken the doll back to be with her in the spirit of her childhood.

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    Okay... Isabelle was overjoyed, she and Vuong Han had been locked up for so many years, not to mention that Vuong Han was the man she liked more from the beginning, even if he was a monkey, this matter could be solved. . very delicate. corner. To the point where she didn't care about these clothes, she ran barefoot in the small hallway, ran to the cockpit under Vuong Han's frown, quickly oriented herself, and directly started the engine and function. Spaceship shuttle! This is an extremely short spaceship, the normal distance is only 500 years, and the damage after using the spaceship is only more than 1000 years. She feels that this is a very cost-effective thing! As the distorted space in front of her returned to its original state, looking at the countless planets surrounding the giant star, Isabelle couldn't help but exclaim: "I'm finally back!!!!"

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    How come the overall strength of the Roja system must reach level 50?

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    And Vuong Han not only saw the very famous fisherman in the Star Sea, but also saw a transforming snake, exactly the kind of reckless star sea monster that Keles had talked about before, the size of this snake. I'm just afraid it will be that big. half the size of a planet, but now it is held and controlled by a giant mechanical hand. It caught Vuong Han's eyes. When he raised his head to look up, in the dark night sky, this thing looked like as a ship-shaped decoration. , seems a bit scary. God only knows how the people in the group of taurons caught this stick, let alone what they planned to do with this stick, but no matter what, the group can directly capture this Tinh Hai monster and study it. researched it, looked around, there wasn't much.

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    Is it assimilating other people's talents, or is the soul immortal?

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    don't know how many short-sighted people will attack them, at that time using weak fighting power, not to mention these people deliberately aimed at Nuo Qianjin and the others, who were just ordinary people in the city. The fighting power is probably much more than Nuo Qianjin and the others. Compared to the others, their strength is like that of ants. But looking at such an existence today, it has not been harmed in any way, so what Porphyrin is doing behind the scenes is very important, this is a bit similar to Lord Shu back then, in terms of humans, the The safety of Nuo Qianjin and others was secretly protected, so Vuong Han respected Shu Quan very much, and he also thought the same about porphyrin. So I'm asking here, if there is anything that requires Porphyrin's assistance, then with his current fighting strength, it is not impossible to attack directly. Solving Porphyrin's problem directly should be relatively easy. easy.

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    As for her, all of this seemed to have just happened an hour or two ago, just a nap in the middle of the afternoon. After waking up, the surrounding environment had completely changed. Vuong Han smiled and looked at her. , the soul was full of energy allowing it to imitate his previous personality, without revealing anything, "No hurry, when they come back to life, I will tell you what the situation is now."

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    After such a long time, there are also many people who mistakenly enter the small biome, then easily learn this so-called talent, and then are trapped for ten thousand years, unable to leave the biome's planet. corresponding. . Of course, you must directly submit enough breath points, no one will stop you from leaving.

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    After paying the money, Vuong Han directly booked the spacecraft under the name Keles, modest enough. After seeing the spacecraft's entity in the planet's orbit, everything seemed to be resolved. Filled with 1000 points of breath, the spaceship slowly left like that, then gradually sank into the cold dark star sea. And this spacecraft has always had enough star maps to detect, where there is danger, where to rest with peace of mind, these things have all been marked in advance. Wang Han did not learn how to control these things, all of these things were handled by Keles. He leisurely walked around inside the spaceship a few times. All the necessary amenities and rooms were available. The overall floor was gray and the walls were silver. Walking in the spacious corridor, Wang Han felt like living in a luxurious place. hotel. After watching for half an hour, all the freshness that was not considered much at this time was exhausted. Wang Han left the energy warehouse. He did not know the operating principle of the crystal reactor, but he saw it. The entire spacecraft doesn't look like an oil slick, but it's very comfortable.

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    That's it! Manh Manh was stunned when he heard that, "Can I do that? In the future, I really want to continue fighting with my master! I don't want to fall asleep, master, you still fight! and fight continuously." After all, I died in a daze, and then came back in a daze. I will never feel how much suffering you have gone through! Not to mention master, you have no way for you to refine the corpses of these monsters in the future!”

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    ... Manh Manh squatted on the top of the mountain, looking at Vuong Han's face filled with trepidation, she thought of this scene, "I've really never experienced a situation like master said. That's right! So it's like like what master said! After we solve this matter, we will go to Van Co Lake to see! After that, we will also go to Penglai! I have never been to Penglai! Let's asked Bong Lai The boss wants two islands to play with, and then wants that kind of especially luxurious island, and then casually floats in the air to create a sense of presence! Anyway, we don't give them that they want, so what do they want us to do, We don't do anything, just do it in a different way, and that kind of photo is very cool if you think about it!!!

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    "Do not have." Vuong Han said casually, smiling at Keles. After seeing the slight disappointment in Keles's eyes, he immediately said: "I came here because of a battle problem, so right now my body is I have a bit of a memory disorder, and I can't remember many things. This is also in the process of searching for these memories. Of course, if you are free here, if you can help me understand this world, That's great, I think we'll become good friends too."

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    All of them are people who come to learn the talents of the fairies! Looking at it now, the number of people in the original spirit group was not very many, and they were all from foreign races.

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    Accompanying Feng Tian is another girl besides Feng Shuyi, this girl doesn't look very old, probably looks like a ten year old girl, and this girl is currently Feng Tian's fiancee... Of course, She is still a fiancee. I want to say that I have done what I should do, what should I do, Elder Phong Thuc Nhi is still by her side, why is this girl still my fiancee?

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    "That's very easy for me to say." Vuong Han felt relieved when he heard that, but in his heart he was thinking: If World Devouring Land is really made from meteorite souls, I definitely can't buy it. In the future, I'm afraid I'll have to find a way to extract some World Devouring individuals from the Holy City system, then temper and absorb them.

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    I haven't introduced myself yet, my name is Morrison, I wonder where you are from? Morrison also nervously looked at the black-haired creature in front of him. No one knew this person, they actually had two eyes. In terms of race, they shouldn't be the same race as them. They are more similar to goblins, having relatively good alliances with them. They have two legs, two arms and both not too big eyes, two ears. Moreover, if there is any difference in appearance, it doesn't matter, the real key issue is, the black fire burning inside this black hair's body is truly terrifying!

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    But there was no wind throughout the sea, so the master and servant were walking all the way forward, even in the middle of the road they were a little lost.

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    Oh man! My father actually let me leave this planet! She didn't expect what she heard, one was that the elder was dignified and strict, she didn't dare to joke around in front of the other person. really leave the planet before she reaches 180,000 years old? ! This kind of thing could really happen, she couldn't believe it, she quickly asked her father again in front of the servant, but after the other person confirmed again, her face completely bloomed, at this moment her expression It can be said that it is quite charming.

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    Vuong Han also calmly led a group of people in a spaceship to circle the Star Sea for a moment, spending hundreds of years letting them see other biomes, looking at the giant Star Port outside, that feeling was truly Very scary reincarnation! It took more than a hundred years for this to end. Wang Han allowed them to live in this city, and at the same time helped them directly achieve the status of homeless people, they could live in biomes like Encore and the others. Elf, as long as you don't do anything illegal, then the safety within Tinh Hai is relatively guaranteed.

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    “Is it bothering you that I suddenly came to visit?” Phong Thuc Nhi suddenly asked such a question at a certain moment. She glanced at the ugly big fish at her feet, then turned her head to look at the person next to her, Vuong Tieu Uyen, this contrast of styles. Completely different drawings made her very happy... However, there were unforeseen circumstances. She had not been on this planet for an hour, and the sea surface was already covered with dense clouds. , and dark clouds were billowing as if appearing right above the floating platform.

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    "..." Isabelle was speechless, what kind of mood was this, and asked: "If he lets you die, will you die immediately?"

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    "That's right." Manh Manh slowly nodded, "The minimum requirement to be able to enter space is five hundred years of cultivation. Normally, there are not many people who can achieve five hundred years of cultivation, but this is just the basic requirement." just ask. If we really want to talk about some of the complex changes in it, even if it's just rainwater from a plague, then even martial artists who have practiced for five hundred years cannot survive, if the dimensions are interconnected. , then this world will most likely be assimilated by the world in the direct dimension in a short period of time in the future. However, in this world there is no such thing as a refuge, once this type of assimilation actually occurs, it is estimated that no more than 10,000 people survive in the end, and it is estimated that 10,000 people are left on Their last legs will gradually be wiped out over the next few years, and finally the world will fall into a heavy silence, with not much to eat, not much to play, just like the situation in the dimension, there is no trace of life."

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